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"Rumor" pressure grows on Representative Mark Kirk

Why is Mark Kirk not making a final decision on whether he is, or is not, a candidate for U. S. senator? Perhaps the rumors swirling around Kirk explain his indecision.

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(CHICAGO)(July 15, 2009) People love to make fun of lawyers. But I have never heard any one ask for the "second best" lawyer when they are faced with a serious legal problem. Likewise, a "lawyerly approach" to a problem may sometimes be frustrating. I am trained as a lawyer, though I don't practice. And sometimes my approach to a situation can be drawn out and frustrating. But even my opponents will admit I am a formidable adversary. Just ask Barack Obama what he thinks about me (unprintable).

People constantly ask me why I won’t address the "substance" of the rumors about Representative Mark Kirk. They want the red meat. But I am not a butcher.

Kirk has not yet announced for statewide office. But with all due respect to Mark, in light of the Illinois Republican Party's tragic experience with Jack Ryan in 2004 I don't think that a statewide candidate can afford to allow rumors to go unanswered.

My approach to Kirk's rumors has been a "lawyerlike" one: concentrate on their existence, but avoid their substance. Kirk should have the "first bite of the apple" if he wants to clear up the questions swirling around him.

My U. S. Senate campaign, moreover, operates independently of any other organization, group or entity. We read what's out there, and we sometimes bring materials to broader public attention (see link below). But we do so independently of any source we cite or quote.

Many people have been flabbergasted at Mark Kirk's continuing indecision about whether to become a U.S. senate candidate. Does he enjoy being seen as a "Hamlet?" Some days he's "in," and some days he's "out."

Most people that want to run for statewide office start planning and laying the foundations of their campaigns far in advance. They don't wait until petitioning is about to begin to launch a statewide effort. So what explains Kirk's bizarre behavior?

Mr. Kirk claims to be an "intelligence officer." Maybe he is. On paper. But he is definitely a spy of the hothouse variety. I don't think he has ever been in harm's way. I have a little background with intelligence as well. And I have been shot at (pictures at and (We will have more to say about Kirk's "intelligence" background in the days ahead.)

Five years ago I wrote a critical column about Barack Obama. I had no idea those comments would mushroom into a growing and seemingly endless inquiry into Obama's identity. One of the things you do in that kind of an investigation is that you literally "try to live inside someone's skin." You try to think the way they think, and eavesdrop on their reasoning process.

Until recently, I had not given much thought to Mark Kirk. But since he appeared on my radar screen as a potential primary opponent we have been giving him a lot of attention. See We think we have a fair idea of how the Democrats are going to deconstruct Kirk if he becomes the nominee. And we have a plan to defeat Kirk in the Republican primary.

Kirk is nowhere near as strong as the powerhouse portrayed by his liberal media in Washington or his flaccid media in Chicago. Kirk is a classic beltway operator. He is as far removed from ordinary Republicans as Main Street is from Manchuria. That is his Achilles Heel. And he knows it.

Maybe by asking questions I have started something. Other people are also asking their own questions.

One Illinois Republican congressman apparently likes to pose in a bathing suit or similar attire. Not very congressional. Given the poisoned legacy that Denny Hastert and Mark Foley left behind, that's not a very "politick" way to appear.

We will have more to say about Mr. Kirk later this week. And if he becomes a candidate we will have a lot more to say.

Those lawyers! One they start, they won’t stop. Hey, that's politics.
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