Monday, January 11, 2010

Mark Kirk’s campaign tries to torpedo Channel 7 debate, flees Chicago

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin’s “Bunker Busters” cause panic in the Mark Kirk campaign. The supposedly-inevitable liberal Republican primary winner, Kirk is terrified to face Martin in a televised debate at WLS-TV. After agreeing to debate on Channel 7, Kirk organizes a rival event in East Peoria to undermine WLS-TV’s debate. Martin calls Kirk’s maneuver “the most obvious sign of complete panic in the Kirk campaign. Mark Kirk is a coward.” Martin’s next “Bunker Buster” attack on Kirk begins airing January 18th. “He can run, but he can’t hide,” Martin says. “What are they going to do in Peoria, watch the WLS-TV debate? Kirk’s ‘escape’ from ABC-TV is hilarious. Illinois, you now have a real primary thanks to ‘Andy’s Air Force.’”

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Mark Kirk’s campaign is “in a state of panic”

After agreeing to participate in a debate on Chicago’s Channel 7, Mark Kirk has fled the city and organized a rival event in East Peoria

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Mark Kirk flees Chicago, reneges on agreement to debate on WLS-TV

Andy Martin promises a “sizzling” Channel 7 debate, with or without Mark Kirk

Kirk’s “default” is unprecedented in American politics

Martin says his “Bunker Busters” have devastated Kirk’s campaign

Martin’s next Bunker Buster will be produced January 14th, begins airing statewide on the 18th

Andy promises an “explosive” disclosure at the Channel 7 debate

“Andy’s Air Force” will continue to bombard Kirk

(CHICAGO)(January 12, 2010) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin announced Tuesday that Mark Kirk has fled the City of Chicago after agreeing to a televised debate on Channel 7 Thursday, January 14th. Mark Kirk agreed in December to participate in a Republican candidates’ debate, as part of a series of debates of Democratic and Republican Party candidates for U. S. Senator and governor produced by WLS-TV.

Kirk has apparently now withdrawn his agreement and left the City of Chicago. In disgrace.

“What does it say for ‘Gungha Kirk,’ who claims to be winning the Afghan war single-handedly, that he is afraid to debate his opponents?” Martin asks. “It says that Kirk is terrified he is losing the primary and has moved into full panic mode.

“Kirk’s East Peoria event was only announced on Monday. He is using ‘pay-to-play’ to lure county chairman to schedule a bogus ‘meeting’ as a diversionary tactic. The Bunker Busters have broken the morale of Kirk’s campaign. The candidate is afraid to appear. Kirk has not been seen at any function open to the public since returning to Illinois. He only appears at closed, controlled-access meetings. This is the media’s darling? This is the ‘establishment’ candidate? Kirk is not Illinois Tough; I am,” Martin says.

“I did a little quick research,” Martin notes. “There is no record that a statewide candidate for national office in any state has ever failed to debate after agreeing to do so. It's an unprecedented collapse in American political history. Kirk is in full panic mode. While the effete, elite media sing his praises with citations to Kirk’s imaginary military record, in reality Kirk’s campaign is dying.

“The senate primary is now a two-man race between me and Kirk. I mean no disrespect to the other candidates, but no one takes them seriously as opponents for Kirk, or the Democrats. No one doubts I am ‘Illinois Tough’ and ready to fight to the death for conservative principles. No one doubts that it was my Bunker Busters that broke Kirk's will to fight. I will do the same to the Democrats.

“The fact that Kirk is not at the debate will only increase the intensity of the attacks. Thursday night's WLS-TV debate is going to be a historic TV event. Kirk is a coward. A candidate who was genuinely forty points ahead, as the Chicago Tribune’s bogus poll indicated, would not cut and run. He would stand and fight if he had a secure lead.

“The humiliation of defaulting after agreeing to debate is shattering to the Kirk image. And the Kirkster is all image. Obviously, his 'lead' has evaporated. Kirk’s campaign is collapsing.

“My attacks on Mr. Kirk have admittedly been unpleasant. I wish I didn’t have to make them. But they were 100% fair and accurate. I have unfortunately had to expose the true nature of Kirk’s two-faced life and career. And there’s more to come. The Bunker Busters will keep rolling as long as money permits. We are out beating the bushes for more cash to run ads. We are looking for TV money. Now people can now see that my claims we are taking down Kirk are not an exaggeration. I took a candidate the Chicago media worships and literally ran him out of the city. That’s an Internet Powerhouse for you.

“Kirk will be hiding out in East Peoria while the debate will go on in Chicago. The little critter is afraid to face me. I have half a mind to send a few Asian carp downriver to chase after him,” Martin says. “The Bunker Busters have brought reality crashing down on Mark Kirk.

“Stunningly, the Democrats are also observing Kirk’s retreat. They smell the blood in the Illinois River. Kirk’s credibility and inevitability is shattered. Kirk’s ‘escape from Chicago’ has confirmed my claim I am going to pull the upset of the decade on February 2nd.”

Kirk’s last-minute announcement, released Monday January 11th:

You're Invited

A Special Republican Joint Meeting of the Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford County Central Committees

For Precinct Committeemen and Spouses

To Meet Congressman Mark Kirk, Candidate for United States Senate

Thursday, January 14, 2009

7:00 Meet and Greet
7:30 to 8:30 Questions and Answers Program

Embassy Suites Hotel Conference Center, 100 Conference Drive, East Peoria
(Off of Camp Street, right next to the Bob Michel Bridge)

Please come and participate in a presentation with direct questions from Precinct Committeemen to candidate Mark Kirk and listen to his answers first-hand.

The event is free of charge and open to all Precinct Committee members and spouses.


kespin said...

Fucking disgrace you are, you biggot. Your dumb fat fucking head! Because of your conduct alone you dont deserve the seat.

Chicago Bob said...

I'm afraid you are completely wrong in your assessment. The race is not between you and Kirk. The truth is,you are not even a contender in this race and you are no longer a Republican.

I will personally be writing to channel 7 and ask that you not be allowed to debate since you are not recognized as a Republican candidate by the IL GOP.

I'm sorry Andy but you are just going to have to accept the fact that your life requires you to do something different. Maybe a hole digger since you like to fling mud around???

The Anti-Andy Martin said...

"Patrick Hughes v. Mark Kirk: Illinois May be a Test Case for the Effectiveness of Tea Parties"

Posted by Erick Erickson (Profile)

Monday, January 11th at 12:00PM EST

February 2, 2010 is the Illinois Republican Primary. Less than one month away. Patrick Hughes is running an upstart campaign against the would be Republican nominee, Mark Kirk. Patrick Hughes is as far right as Kirk is as far left.

Patrick Hughes aims to harness the conservatives and tea party activists in Illinois who feel marginalized by Kirk and the Democrats further to the left of him. On Friday, Mark Levin endorsed Patrick Hughes and urged conservatives to rally to Patrick Hughes in this last month before the primary.

It makes a compelling case to see just how rapid a response the tea party activists and conservatives can make in a Republican Primary. Should Patrick Hughes win the GOP primary, it would send shock waves across the nation and severely shake the foundations of the GOP establishment.

Mark Kirk has gotten a lot of bad press in Illinois for his cap-and-trade vote. Illinois is a transportation hub with oil and coal reserves. Cap and trade would harm Illinois’s industrial base at a time the state has 11% unemployment.

Patrick Hughes has been making that case across the state — taking a national issue and making it very local. People are registering their impact.

The race right now comes down to name ID. Kirk has it. Patrick Hughes doesn’t. But polling shows when Republican voters know Patrick Hughes and Kirk, they go with Patrick Hughes overwhelmingly. In fact, polling also shows 60% of primary voters are undecided — something that suggests a one month blitz by Patrick Hughes could dramatically improve his numbers.

Patrick Hughes was born on the northwest side of Chicago in a small apartment. His parents told him if he believed in God and worked hard, he could do whatever he wanted. He went to law school, became a lawyer, then became a small businessman.

Now he wants to represent Illinois in the United States Senate. If conservatives and tea party activists rally to him, he has a shot. But the hourglass is almost out of sand.