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Mark Kirk may face criminal charges in Navy fraud probe

U.S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Illinois Chairman Pat Brady has destroyed the Republican Party and destroyed Mark Kirk by trying to rig the 2010 primary in Kirk’s favor. Martin blames Brady’s character assassination and dirty tricks for the negative campaign which has been generated by Brady’s underhanded leadership. Martin notes he warned Brady months ago to stop the dirty tricks, and Brady only increased his improper activity. Brady has endorsed Kirk, and Kirk has given the state party $50,000. Martin is preparing to “dial up” his attacks on Kirk with Bunker Buster ads #3 and #4.

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Mark Kirk is being destroyed by Republican Chairman Pat Brady

Martin says that Kirk has allowed Brady to conduct a crooked primary on Kirk’s behalf, and the result has been a total disaster for Kirk

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Andy Martin says Pat Brady’s attempts to demonize and destroy Andy Martin have resulted in a blowback campaign which is destroying and demonizing Kirk

(CHICAGO)(January 7, 2010) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin told a Chicago news conference Thursday evening, January 7th that he has filed charges against Mark Kirk with the Secretary of the Navy.

Martin’s accusations follow this release. Martin’s allegations involve both possible criminal conduct by Kirk and a “don’t ask, don’t tell” suggestion to the Navy Secretary. Martin expects Kirk to leave the Navy shortly to avoid investigation.

Martin blamed Illinois Republican Chairman Pat Brady for the dirty campaign that has developed.

“For the last year, Andy McKenna and Pat Brady have been sticking it to me with dirty campaign tactics and dirty politics. Well, now I am sticking it back to Brady and Mark Kirk. Brady endorsed Kirk and has tried to make the Republican Party an extension of Kirk’s campaign. Kirk in turn played the sleazy old Illinois game of ‘pay-to-play’ by trying to purchase the nomination with a $50,000 cash donation to the Party.

“For example, Brady locked me out of the Party’s ‘Voter Vault’ while giving McKenna and Kirk access. I was forced to waste time on lawsuits to obtain basic information. We are still in court. Kirk supporters tried to have me arrested at the State Fair. Someone has to be held accountable for these abuses.

“Brady smeared me on December 28th, but has never questioned or challenged Republican McCain majordomo Kevin DuJan who published a ‘secret plan’ by the Democratic Party to defeat Kirk through homosexual innuendos. Why was I ‘bizarre’ when the Republican Party was winning and dining DuJan, whose attacks on Kirk were much more graphic?

“Once again, Brady has proven to be a corrupt and—worse—incompetent leader. He tried to rig the dice in Kirk’s favor and only achieved a collapse of the casino.

“Last week, Brady tried to demonize and destroy me and to define my 40 years of honorable service to the people of Illinois through the warped prism of Brady’s support for Mark Kirk. I am compelled to destroy Kirk in return. I fight fire with fire.

“Kirk has constantly demonized Chicagoans as 'goons' and 'thugs.' Well this Chicagoan is going to give Kirk a beatdown he will never forget.

“I did not think there could be a worse state chairman than Andy McKenna. Brady proved me wrong. Brady is worse than McKenna. Instead of running a fair primary and treating all candidates equally, so we could come together after the primary, Brady has tried to load the dice in Kirk's favor. In the process he has orchestrated the political death of Mark Kirk.

“If Brady wants to publicly apologize to me for his personal attacks on December 28th, and withdraw his claims, and promise to ‘sin no more,’ I am open to settlement negotiations. Otherwise, the demolition and destruction of Mark Kirk will proceed.” Martin stated. “Kirk is being demolished by his supporters.

“They have a chance to apologize and make amends, or they have the opportunity to ensure that Kirk comes out of the primary totally devastated as a person. The choice is theirs. My phone is working.

“This I know. If Brady does not apologize, the senate campaign is going to get worse before it gets better. We have all the Bunker Busters we need to bomb Mark Kirk into political oblivion, and we intend to use as many as we need to accomplish that mission.”

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January 7, 2010

Secretary Ray Mabus
Office of the Secretary of the Navy
2000 Navy Pentagon
Washington, DC 20350-2000
via IG fax (202) 433-2613,
NCIS fax (202) 433-9242

Re: Mark Steven Kirk, USNR

Dear Secretary Mabus:

I wish to file a two-part complaint against Mark Steven Kirk.

First, I wish to formally lodge a “don’t ask, don’t tell” complaint against Mr. Kirk. Although Mr. Kirk denies that he is a homosexual, the entire gay media world says that Kirk is gay. I find it hard to believe such a large and informed sampling of public opinion is wrong.

In addition, Mr. Kirk allowed the pedophilia of Mark Foley to continue in the House of Representatives for many years. Although there does not appear to be a clinical connection between homosexuality and pedophilia, the existence of potential multiple systems disorders may reflect a cumulative impact on Mr. Kirk's personality structure.

Second, I am fully aware, as you should be, of federal criminal laws which prohibit the use of Navy property and facilities for political campaigns. What Mr. Kirk has been doing for years is claiming he is on “reserve” status and heading for a Navy facility, where he claims to be “serving” instead of merely being on a congressional junket. Kirk claims to have fought in several wars, though I doubt he has ever been actively assigned to a combat area (he may have been in a generic “war zone” but not everyone in a war zone is in a combatant area).

What do Navy records reflect about Kirk’s service and whereabouts, in comparison with what he has claimed in his political campaigns? Voters and media have a right to know.

When a candidate for federal office makes an issue of his Navy service, the Navy cannot cover-up conflicting or contradictory records. How did Kirk get to Afghanistan this month? His travel records are obviously readily available and totally unprivileged materials. Please release all of them on FRIDAY, January 8th.

What did Kirk do there? Who guarded him? Where did he stay? These are questions that are put in play by Mr. Kirk's pre-programmed political speeches which he scheduled prior to leaving the country and which he is now delivering after his return from a “combat” zone.

I have asked Mr. Kirk to waive any privacy rights he may have and he has refused. Kirk wants to have it both ways, making exaggerated claims that he is “fighting” while barring any public access to actual Navy records which document his presence overseas. This legerdemain must stop.

Most respectfully I demand that you take personal command of this scandal and personally see to the release of the full record of Mr. Kirk’s alleged most recent trip to Afghanistan. I want no more double-talk and delays in releasing documents from the Navy. The Navy is aiding and abetting Kirk in perpetrating a military masquerade.

Kirk has effectively waived any privacy issues by making a big political issue of his “fighting for freedom in Afghanistan” today, and repeatedly using Navy photographs in his campaign materials. Personally, I doubt Kirk was anywhere near hostilities. Kirk cannot be allowed to use his status as a Navy officer as a prop to campaign for political office. His behavior is disgraceful, and most likely criminal.

This is not the first time Kirk has used DOD premises for political promotion. This abuse of the Navy and DOD must STOP. Serving in the reserves is intended to enhance the service, not to provide a platform for masquerading military pretenders such as Kirk to drop in on Navy facilities “on active duty” for the purpose of having Navy photographers take pictures for use in his political brochures and pamphlets.

I respectfully request that you immediately do the following:

1. I ask that you immediately release all Navy Department records concerning Kirk’s latest trip to Afghanistan, and all prior trips as well since 2001 when Kirk entered the U. S. House. Do so this WEEK. Voters have a right to the truth about Kirk. NOW. His travel appears to have been a series of transparently political junkets and did not involve any material “active duty” whatsoever.

2. I ask that you open a "don’t ask, don’t tell" investigation. There is sufficient circumstantial evidence to support an independent investigation by the Navy.

3. I ask that you notify the U. S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia of Mr. Kirk’s apparent criminal activity. The claim that Kirk is on active duty as he flies around foreign bases, when he is in fact only politically profiteering at taxpayer expense and with the Navy's connivance, active or passive, is criminal behavior.

The hundreds of thousands of brave patriots who serve Americans in uniform are being used by Mr. Kirk as his political props. He has done this over and over again in the past. Now that I am his opponent I intend to stop this use, misuse and abuse of uniformed service personnel to support Mr. Kirk’s personal political campaigning.

Mr. Kirk should be separated from the service at the earliest opportunity consistent with due process of law.

Please feel free to contact me.

Respectfully submitted,



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