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New York Times creates Andy Martin/Mark Kirk “smackdown” for U. S. Senate nomination in Illinois

Andy Martin provides his “spin” on a major New Year’s Day development in the Illinois U. S. Senate campaign.

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says the New York Times has declared the “first primary” for Illinois U. S. Senator is over

Martin says that the Times has now recognized what the Chicago Tribune acknowledged decades ago: Martin’s formidable campaign skills give him an edge in what is going to be a bloody and bitter January campaign leading up to the February 2nd “second” primary

Martin says “The Kirkster is Kaput”

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Andy Martin says that he firmly supports the right of any candidate to run for senator against Mark Kirk, but the media have now coalesced around Martin’s candidacy as Mark Kirk’s most serious threat

Martin will produce his second “Bunker Buster” ad on January 5th. It will be even more devastating to Kirk than the first one, thanks in part to the New York Times article

Martin calls on Kirk to withdraw before his political reputation is completely destroyed

Martin declares “amnesty” for conservative leaders who join his campaign

Does Mark Kirk have a “homosexual Praetorian Guard?” Republican leader Ray True now admits he effectively made the claim

(NEW YORK)(January 1, 2010) Republican U. S. Senate candidate and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin issued the following statement Friday morning in response to an article which appeared in the New York Times essentially naming Martin as Mark Kirk’s only significant opponent for the U. S. Senate nomination.

Martin is in New York for the holiday and will return to Chicago on January 4th.


The New York Times has published a vicious attack on my candidacy and my successful forty-year career as a corruption fighter in Illinois. The “news” report is riddled with lies, snide epithets, distortions and other malicious opinions.

However, between the lines of the Times article the truth emerges. There are several “truths” which the Times has now clarified and conceded. Here are my opinions in response to the Times story:

1. While other names are on the ballot, the nomination for the U. S. Senate seat has come down to a race between me and Mark Kirk. The other candidates have been rendered superfluous by the Times story. None of them are advertising on the radio and TV. Only Kirk and I are. My radio advertising has elicited 92 articles and has gone viral on the Internet and around the world.

Voters want to see a Martin-Kirk smackdown. Both Kirk and I are experienced politicians who represent conflicting viewpoints within the Republican Party. I’m ready to debate the Kirkster. Is he ready to debate me?

2. Although the Times did not realize what it was doing, the vicious attack on me actually provided more documentation for the claims in my second “Bunker Buster” ad which is going to be produced on January 5th. Media may be permitted to witness the actual production of the ad if they request to cover the event. Please submit requests in writing [reports of the production will be embargoed for 24 hours, until the ad appears on the radio].

3. Although I have the highest respect for James Warren’s earlier journalism, before he left the Chicago Tribune, Mr. Warren lacks any respect for my investigative writing. Sad. He shamelessly distorts what I previously wrote about Barack Obama. People can buy my book (see below) and read what I said. My 2007 psychological profile of Obama is especially relevant today. I delivered a lot more insightful analysis and predictive accuracy than the dominant liberal media establishment. They lied about Obama, I told the truth. Jim Warren is still jealous of my integrity. He denigrates and depreciated me despite the fact I am both a respected author and journalist.

I am also known as the “Internet Powerhouse.” Mr. Warren is a has-been who is now writing for a “non-profit cooperative” that is supported by [tax-exempt] taxpayer dollars.

4. Mr. Warren did make one very valuable contribution to the controversy over my advertising. Ray True initially denied to local media that he had said what I quoted him as saying. Mr. True has now confirmed in the New York Times that I quoted him accurately, and that he did indeed make the remarks I quoted in my advertisement. My advertisement was 100% accurate, which is why it created such a liberal media firestorm. Mr. True is now a confessed liar.

5. Mr. Warren’s report also confirms that the “first primary” is over. There was a de facto “primary” between Mr. Kirk’s challengers as to who would emerge as the principal opponent to the Kirkster. There is no longer any dispute that I am the Kirkster's nemesis. It’s Kirk or me. When we drop our second Bunker Buster on Kirk next week, there will not be any debate, anywhere that Kirk and I are going to fight a bloody, bitter primary in January, and that on February 2nd I am going to stick the fork in the Kirkster and send him into political retirement.

6. Mr. Warren repeats a “big lie” that the Illinois Supreme Court created decades ago to discredit me after I helped remove two crooked justices from the court. As a result of Warren’s reporting, which I read with a glass of champagne in my hand, I was prompted to sue the Illinois Supreme Court next week to (i) open any and all records they assembled on me and (ii) to demand that they correct their decades-old lies smearing of my good character. Thank you Jim Warren for the inspiration to do so. I have nothing to fear from the truth. Once the truth emerges, what lies will the liberals use to smear me?

Only in Illinois does the Supreme Court smear an honest man and reward criminals. What a state. The facts are the facts. I fought corruption on the Supreme Court; they retaliated by punishing me. When the then-crooked Illinois Supreme Court attacked me it was one of the proudest moments of my life. It still is.

7. On October 5, 2008, I appeared in a cable TV program on Sunday night, perhaps the most obscure time slot in cable programming. Over a year later, the liberal media are still fulminating over my appearance on Sean Hannity and promoting the claim that I was “central” to Hannity’s program. I have claimed that my interview on Hannity became the defining media moment of the presidential campaign. Once again, the Times effectively confirms my claims. This is at least the third article which the Times has written about my appearance on Sean Hannity’s one show. I invite readers to view the video for themselves and see if I accurately predicted how Obama would govern:

8. While I have my rough edges, no one can deny that I am a tough and experienced fighter in the political arena. With the senate primary on February 2nd now effectively reduced to a two-man race, I hereby challenge the Kirkster to two-man debates on the substantive issues. Is Kirk afraid to debate me? We will see.

9. Clearly, the dominant liberal media are terrified that I am going to defeat Mark Kirk and go on to sit in Barack Obama’s senate seat. Liberal fears are the best evidence for Republican voters to consider that I am their real Republican candidate for United States Senator.

10. There is only final error in Mr. Warren’s report. He calls me a “lightweight.” My new year’s resolutions are to eat less and exercise more.

Overall, Mr. Warren’s piece establishes me as the media master the Chicago Tribune earlier declared me to be. Forty-eight hours after `we dropped a Bunker Buster bomb on Mark Kirk we demolished his political career. My attack was one of the most devastating political ads in American broadcasting history.

Let me be clear. Bunker Buster #2 is already set for production. Bunker Busters #3 and #4 are being prepared to follow up. We are going to be “bunker busting” Kirk until he withdraws or is defeated. Kirk is Kaput.

I call on Mark Kirk to withdraw before we have to completely obliterate his career. He is already permanently damaged by his failure to respond to the evidence against him. Since both Mr. Kirk and I are lawyers, I would advise Mr. Kirk that the “adverse inference rule” applies when probative evidence is offered against a party, and the party fails to respond. Now that Col. Ray True has recanted his earlier denial, True’s claim that Kirk is surrounded by a homosexual “Praetorian Guard” is once again on the table for discussion. Kirk has issued no response. Doesn’t he own a cell phone? Even Army PFC’s get to call home. Kirk is clearly hiding and remaining in seclusion. Why? Kirk is afraid of the truth, and especially afraid of the attack dogs in the gay media.

I will be back in my office Monday, January 5th. I invite all conservative Republican leaders, even those that have been critical of me in the past, to meet with me and to join forces so we can march together as a coalition to victory on February 2nd. We will bury Mark Kirk’s political career once and for all. All are welcome to join my crusade to return the Republican Party to facts, truth and conservative values. Previously opposing conservatives now have an “amnesty” period to join my campaign and work together.

Martin can be reached in New York through Monday morning when he flies home to Chicago.

Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting background in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He is currently promoting his best-selling book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask and producing the new Internet movie "Obama: The Hawai'i years." Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of Martin comments on regional, national and world events with more than four decades of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York.

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