Saturday, August 29, 2009

Andy Martin slams senator John McCain for endorsing infanticide, gun control and surrender in Iraq

Martin says McCain’s Sunday endorsement of Mark Kirk is an act of infamy that will lead to McCain’s defeat by Arizonans in 2010. “McCain is not all there,” Martin says. “Or if he is all there, there is no ‘there,’ there.’ McCain is an embarrassment to the future of the Republican Party. Perhaps it is not surprising he is in bed with Mark Kirk.”

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August 29, 2009

Senator John McCain
United States senate
Washington, DC 20510
via fax (202) 228-2862
(602) 952-8702

Re: Endorsement of Mark Kirk

Less than a year ago, I remained a loyal Republican and voted for you despite your disastrously incompetent campaign for president. I am therefore deeply disappointed to see you coming to Illinois to endorse Barack Obama’s favorite Republican for the U.S. Senate, my primary opponent Mark Kirk. The progressive incapacitation of your judgment which you manifested in 2008 appears to be worsening in 2009.

Maybe it is time for the people of Arizona to retire you in 2010. I plan to ask them to do so. Based on your endorsement of Mark Kirk it is clear you are incapable of being an effective representative for the future of the Republican Party. In rejecting your 2008 campaign, voters showed more insight and intelligence than some Republicans may have anticipated.

At the beginning of September, 2008, barely twelve months ago, you had a narrow lead. Then, as the nation confronted an unexpected economic crisis, you collapsed. First you were “Mr. Indispensable,” and had to “suspend” your campaign. Then you were the useless adjunct at a White House meeting. Finally, after fumbling away your narrow lead, you “unsuspended” your campaign and returned to the campaigning, all within 96 hours. Watching you implode was a sad spectacle.

Like almost every American I respect your wartime service. Taking the oath of enlistment was also a proud day for me. But just because you served honorably decades ago does not mean we have to respect your irascibility, flawed judgment and embarrassingly obvious political incompetence. There comes a point when we have to separate the wartime service from the peacetime reality.

I respect your right to endorse a three-legged dog for senator. That is a privilege you defended for every American. I also do not believe in rigid orthodoxy. There should be room for reasoned debate in the Republican Party.

But the problem with Mr. Kirk is not that he is an independent Republican, but rather that he is an extremely liberal Democrat.

In my opinion, you have never shown any shame or remorse for your pathetic performance as a presidential candidate last year. Today you keep hogging the camera and keep blathering on, without any apparent reflection on your dismal performance barely a year ago. Now you are coming to Illinois to try to sell a Democrat to Republican primary voters. At the end of your career, your lack of judgment is making you look like a doddering idiot. You can rest assured I will come to Arizona and tell Arizonans you need a well-deserved rest. It is time for you to step down from politics.

Take a look at Kirk’s record:

1. You have a strong Second Amendment voting record. Mr. Kirk is more anti-Second Amendment than even Barack Obama. Kirk is currently sponsoring some of the most anti-gun legislation pending in Congress. Do you endorse Kirk’s proposals? Of course not. Are you going to ignore them?

2. You ran as a pro-life Republican. Mr. Kirk voted for infanticide. Do you now endorse infanticide, or do pro-life issues have no current role in your politics, until you start running for reelection in Arizona? Abortion is a complex issue and I grapple with it on a regular basis. But I do not have any doubt that Kirk's support for infanticide is rejected by almost every American. How can you expect Arizona voters to reelect an old man who can’t even keep the issue of abortion straight?

3. “The surge.” Barely a year ago, you were endlessly attacking Barack Obama for opposing the “surge” in Iraq. Mark Kirk was—if my memory serves me correctly—a Republican in Congress, and he voted against the surge. If, Kirk, who claims to be an “intelligence officer,” was so wrong about something which you presented as straightforward as the surge, how could you support an opponent of the surge and expect us to have any confidence in Kirk’s judgment? Or your own?

Was it wrong for Obama to oppose the surge, but all right for Kirk to do so? Are you really that two-faced? If so, now you know why no one outside the Beltway trusts people like you or Kirk.

You were right on the surge, Kirk was egregiously wrong. Another one of “McCain’s forgotten issues?” Do you have memory problems, Senator? Or does your mendacity know no limits?

4. Mr. Kirk refuses to release his military records. I have asked him to sign a waiver to expedite release. We all know where you were during the Viet-Nam war. We saw you come home.
There is no doubt of your heroism and commitment.

But what about Kirk? He recently claimed to have been a “warrior” in two wars. Sadly, Mr. Kirk is an armchair warrior with a Walter Mitty complex. Kirk dishonors the proud uniform of a Navy officer. Now you are assisting him in dishonoring the uniform you wore with such distinction. It is a sad day for the Navy when an authentic Navy hero endorses a Navy imposter.

If Kirk had a genuine military record, instead of a vacuous paper maché career that he has used to preen at Navy expense, I would be the first to salute him. But I asked him to waive privacy issues so his record can be made public, and he has refused. Kirk is an imposter and your endorsement makes you a party to endorsing an imposter. For shame.

5. Sadly, you are not the only person with memory problems. Mark Kirk has been in congress for almost a decade, and he has served as a career politician for decades. But like the French prefect of police who “discovers" gambling in Casablanca, Kirk only “discovered’ corruption in Illinois last month, when he announced his campaign for Governor of Illinois. Oh, I’m sorry, he said he was running for Senator, on a platform based on fighting corruption in Illinois state government.

Actually, you have fought corruption in Washington. I saw no evidence that Kirk was ever at your side. Kirk has never criticized Barack Obama, or criticized any corruption in Washington. He won’t take on the crooks right under his nose, but he wants us to believe he will be a long-distance corruption fighter in Springfield? Kirk's arguments are an insult to the intelligence of any sentient voter.

Kirk is part of a “Combine” in Illinois, a two-party corruption machine that controls the careers of both Democrats and pliant Republicans. Before you endorse Kirk tomorrow, I will offer you a challenge: try and find any newspaper clips or stories in which Kirk attacks Illinois corruption or the Combine before July, 2009. There are none.

Kirk says he wants to “clean up Springfield,” but he is running to serve in Washington. But of course, like yourself, Kirkie will say or do anything to keep their face in front of the

6. Finally, Kirk has rumors swirling around him that are going to allow the Democrats to bring down his candidacy next year. Illinois has a history of senate candidates with personal embarrassments. That is why Kirk’s operatives have been trying to harass and disrupt my campaign. They are terrified that the Democrats are following what I say, so they can unload on Kirk next summer.

Returning to my original observation, many loyal Republicans voted for you. I also led a media operation that sought to expose the truth about Barack Obama's past; my efforts cost him millions of votes. In spite of yourself and your incompetent tactics, we almost elected you president.

But since making an old fool of yourself in the last campaign, you have shown no remorse or shame or embarrassment. You act as though your own role in the campaign has been erased. Instead, your cowardly operatives want to “smear the woman,” Sarah Palin, who carried water for you last year and is now seduced and abandoned in 2009.

During the 1952 Republican National Convention, Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen made an immortal remark about one of the candidates. Dirksen said “You led us down the road to defeat.” The same can be said of your own embarrassing behavior in 2008. You led us down the road to defeat. You led us down the road to defeat unnecessarily and incompetently. And almost immediately you were hogging the limelight again. No shame, no reflection, no remorse for your doddering performance.

As you come to Illinois to endorse a man who wants to confiscate guns and kill living babies, and who voted against your beloved surge, I prefer to close my admonition with something Joseph Welch said during the Army-McCarthy hearings and direct that ancient remonstrance at you: “Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you no sense of decency?”

Your coming to Illinois to endorse a Democratic party stalking horse running in the Republican primary is an indecent act. I hope the people of Arizona put an end to your political career next year. You are an embarrassment to yourself, and to the United States Senate. It is time for you to go, and it is time for you to reconsider and not come to Illinois tomorrow. Your appearance with Mark Kirk is an act of infamy that will shadow your own reelection campaign.

Respectfully submitted,




Wolverine said...

Maybe McCain is part of the overall conspiracy you keep trying to sell everyone on about the so-called "Stolen Tapes". Now I guess it's Kirk, McCain, The Washington Post, Judge McCally, Mr. Shirley, Mr. Gilchrist and the state of Maryland all coming after your fruitless senate bid. You really are a piece of work.

The Anti-Andy Martin said...

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