Friday, August 7, 2009

“Infanticide” Congressman Mark Kirk faces Illinois State Fair demonstration

Internet Powerhouse and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin will lead a “Real Republican” rally in Springfield on August 20th. [] Mark Kirk represents the extreme left of the political spectrum in both parties. Kirk supports gun confiscation, partial-birth abortion, Internet censorship and cap and trade taxation; for starters. Kirk is trying to prevent Martin from running against him in the Republican Party primary by using the party apparatus to muzzle Martin’s campaign. August 20th is “Republican Day” at the Illinois State Fair.

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August 7, 2009

Mr. Tom Jennings
Illinois State Fair
801 Sangamon Ave.
Springfield, IL 62702
via fax (217) 785-4505

Re: Republican Day at the State Fair/August 20th

Dear Tom:

I left a message with your office to call me; please feel free to do so at any time. I am not one of those Beltway big shots. I answer my own phone a lot of the time.

The Illinois Republican Party is split. No secret there. There is the faction led by the billionaire bonus baby Andy McKenna, who in typical corporate fashion had his father buy control of the Republican Party apparatus for the benefit of his patrons in the Daley Machine.

McKennacrats seek to drive the party in a left-wing direction, and are supporting my opponent, extremist liberal Mark Kirk, for U.S. senator.

And then there is my campaign for U. S. Senator. I am the only Republican who has previously run a statewide campaign. In 2008 I received 35% of the vote. I have been described as “neither far right nor far left.” That’s a fair assessment. I judge every issue on its own merits. The Constitution is my secular Bible.

Not surprisingly, Kirk’s supporters are trying to rig Republican Day at the State Fair to unlawfully and improperly and unconstitutionally exclude me. They are trying to prevent Republicans from having an honest and open primary campaign. They want to pretend Kirk has no opposition in the primary. Liberal Chicago news media are assisting them in this charade.

Kirk & Co. pulled some of their preliminary dirty tricks in Chicago this week, where they only permitted Kirk to speak at a Republican Party function. We will be filing a lawsuit and, amazingly, we have their shenanigans in writing. There is no need to speculate on whether they lied; we have it in writing.

McKenna and Kirk are trying to muzzle conservatives so Kirk’s support of infanticide and his odious personal life will not become statewide issues.

That brings me to the State Fair.

Every Republican should be welcome to come to and participate in Republican Day, not just the “Infanticide Wing of the Republican Party (Mark Kirk supports partial-birth abortions).”

McKenna & Co. have reserved the Director’s Lawn. We would like to bring megaphones and banners to the same general area, but we will stay outside the enclosure and remain peaceful at all times. (Earlier this week we had a peaceful demonstration at a Kirk event, and the Chicago Police Department provided protection for us; all went well.)

We would like to do the Republican Day demonstration in coordination with both police protection and cooperation with State fair staff. Our goal is to be confrontational, but peaceful and extremely polite. After all, we are the real Republicans.

I would appreciate if you and I could speak, and afterwards if your staff could coordinate with me. I will certainly be the conservative Republican voice at the State Fair on Republican Day.

I am sure we can work everything out. For my part, I would like to confront the McKennacrats at the Director’s Lawn, but only in a peaceful and respectful manner (but of course, with banners and megaphones). We will probably want to bring a table and chairs.

In my opinion, where there is intra-party primary competition, the state fair is constitutionally required to make reasonable accommodations for all factions, and to allow these competitors to “confront” each other in a reasonable manner.

I represent the real Republican Party. Mark Kirk is Barack Obama’s favorite “Republican." There is no way Kirk represents real Republicans. No way, shape or form. On August 20th we will carry that message to the Director’s Lawn entry area (but not inside) at the State Fair.

I would appreciate your prompt assistance and cooperation as we exercise our political and constitutional rights.

Please reply promptly so we may confirm and firm up arrangement. We may be filing a lawsuit in Sangamon County Circuit Court against Kirk, McKenna & Co., and we would prefer to keep the State Fair out of the litigation.

With great pride, admiration and love for Illinois agriculture,



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