Monday, August 24, 2009

Pat Hughes faces fraud charges at Illinois Attorney Registration Disciplinary Commission.

Andy Martin says Pat Hughes is misrepresenting himself as an “attorney”

Hughes caught in first scandal of “conservative” campaign

In the light of his professional fraud, should Hughes step down as the right-wing candidate or U. S. Senator?

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(CHICAGO)(August 24, 2009) “Pat Hughes” announced last week that he had decided to catapult from volunteering at a pregnancy crisis center to national office. Mr. Hughes has a lot to learn about statewide politics and national office. The first rule: don’t lie. People will tolerate almost anything but lying.

Hughes was “nominated” for his role as a “conservative candidate” at a secret meeting of “conservatives” in Bloomington, Illinois on August 8th. Mr. Hughes’ backers may be embarrassed to learn Hughes is no longer an attorney.

Hughes’ “conservative” backers may also be surprised to learn Monday morning that we will be filing professional fraud charges against Hughes for holding himself out as an attorney after he is no longer an attorney.

During the 2007-2008 presidential campaign, Republicans and conservatives made a big issue (first reported by Andy Martin for, see also “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask”) out of the fact that Barack Obama had surrendered his law license and was no longer eligible to practice law or hold himself out as an attorney.

Illinois Republicans now have an “Obama” of their own: Patrick J. Hughes.

Mr. Hughes, of course, is welcome to run for office even though he is not an attorney. But he is not eligible to lie to Republicans and the public about his status:

Mr. Hughes surrendered his law license, no doubt as a result of conflicts arising out of his role as “General Counsel” at Ocean Atlantic Realty:

Questions: [1] If Hughes is not a licensed attorney any longer, is he still “General Counsel” at Ocean Atlantic? [2] When did he stop being General Counsel at Ocean Atlantic, and when did he surrender his law license? [3] How can he be a General Counsel if he is not a licensed attorney? Questions, questions.

Mr. Hughes owes Republicans prompt and full disclosure of his “questionable” professional status. He should also hire an attorney (a real, licensed attorney, not a bogus attorney such as himself) to advise him how to respond to the professional fraud charges we will be filing on Monday.

Mr. Hughes also claims to be a “real estate developer.” If so, just what real estate is he developing? There is no record of any real estate developing he is doing on his own.

Surely Hughes is not going to base a campaign for statewide office on his calamitous association with “Westbury in Yorkville,” Illinois:

Westbury is mired in litigation because it has not been built.

Bottom line: Mr. Hughes is engaging in professional fraud and malpractice by allowing his firm (former firm?) to list him as a “General Counsel” when he is no longer licensed to practice law in Illinois. We are going to ask the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission ( to impose sanctions on Hughes because of his misconduct.

And this guy wants to run for U. S. Senator? What are the names of the jokers who “endorsed” his candidacy and asked county chairmen to support Hughes as a “mainstream Republican?” Hughes has disgraced himself and his backers within days of announcing.

FOOTNOTE: Because of my corruption-fighting activity I have always been controversial. There is no secret about that. Some judges respect and admire me, many others despise me. But I keep exposing crooked judges, and they don’t like it. So I keep generating controversy.

In 2008, Barack Obama unleashed his dirt diggers and mud merchants on me. All they could come up with was 25 and 35 year-old disputes in which I was the victim of retaliation for exposing corruption in the courts. If you want a senate candidate who has been vetted by the best—the Obama smear machine—I was investigated by Obama’s smear merchants. They found nothing they could use except old controversies involving my exposure of political corruption. I’m proud of that fact.

By comparison, the fact that Mr. Hughes would play games with his professional status marks him as a complete political moron. He should quit before he endures further embarrassment and makes laughingstocks out of the “Smoke-Filled Room Nine,” who have now made fools of themselves by recommending his candidacy. Mr. Hughes needs to get a good lawyer to help with the ARDC problem. (I know one in case he asks.)

And now you know why they call “The Internet Powerhouse.”

You also know why Mark Kirk trembles every time he hears my name.

You also know why Andy McKenna is no longer Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party.

Not bad for a corruption fighter. Over forty years after we began, we still nail the bad guys.

We have a hammer, and we’re ready to head for Washington.

And now you know who you should support as the Real Republican for U. S. Senator. It isn’t Kirkie.

Who do you want to tackle Mark Kirk in the primary?

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