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Illinois Republican leader Pat Brady is asked to hold open primary for U. S. Senator

Andy Martin says there should be a “housecleaning” at Republican Party headquarters. Martin says illicit Republican Party support for Mark Kirk has created a toxic situation that will lead the entire ticket to defeat in November, 2010. Martin says he is the best candidate for Senator because his leadership role is being challenged by both extreme right-wing and extreme left-wing Republicans who oppose his candidacy. “I’m the man in the middle,” says Martin. “The real Republican.”

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August 22, 2009

Pat Brady
Illinois Republican Chairman
205 W. Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60606
via fax (312) 201-0181

Dear Pat:

I would like to extend my best wishes on your selection as Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party.

I am sure we are going to have our differences in the days ahead, possibly even strong differences of opinion. But we should be able to disagree on an agreeable basis.

Andy McKenna could never do that. McKenna was unalterably opposed to me. In the end McKenna’s hostility towards me cost him his chairmanship. The “Combine” pulled the plug on McKenna’s embarrassing tactics after he forced me to sue for access to the State Fair and national Voter Vault. The Combine was specifically named in my Sangamon County lawsuit. Five days latter, McKenna was unexpectedly and surprisingly gone.

On Thursday, “Republican Day” at the Illinois State Fair, a circuit judge all-but-referred to Republican leaders as “trailer trash." He called the Party’s management a “trailer park.” Pretty strong words from an otherwise reasonable and mild-mannered judge.

People across the state are noticing the mistreatment I am receiving from the Republican Party leadership, all of which supports Mark Kirk. Voters don’t like the gratuitous abuse inflicted on me one bit. Take it from the judge.

But there is a high compliment in all of the abuse directed at me by Mark Kirk’s supporters and the state party. Kirk’s backers are attacking me because I am the only alternative to Kirk in the primary. While so-called “conservative leaders” fuss and fume on the sidelines, the senate primary is a two-man race between “ultra” left-wing Kirk and "ultra" moderate conservative Martin.

I get jabbed from both sides. The extreme but impotent right met in Bloomington recently, in secret, to choose their “conservative” candidate, because they were afraid their inexperienced patsy would look like an embarrassment next to me.

In other words, Kirk’s supporters and the extreme right were using the same tactics for the same reason: both groups are afraid of my campaign for senator. They know I am neither left nor right. I am a Republican.

Kirk’s extreme left-wing supporters know where the threat to their candidate is coming from. It isn’t coming from “conservative leaders.” It is coming from conservative candidate Andy Martin.

At the County Chairman’s meeting in Springfield, out of the blue and without any provocation on my part, the Party’s resident in-house thug Randy Pollard launched into a diatribe against me. Why? Because Pollard is backing Kirk. And Pollard knows what people across the state know. I am the only real challenger to Kirk.

Kirk’s supporters realize I am the man who can, and probably will, defeat Mark Kirk and bring about the eventual collapse of the Combine. I represent a slightly different version of Peter Fitzgerald, updated for 2010 instead of 1998.

Back to the State Fair. The effort by Republican attorneys (Brian Sheahan, etc.) to have me arrested at the Fair especially disgusted the judge. I stood my ground against McKenna’s weenies such as Sheahan, the police backed off, and the judge ruled in my favor. Not bad work, wouldn’t you agree?

If anyone doubted my legal skills, they got a good demonstration in Springfield. Could Mark Kirk walk into a new courtroom and successfully argue a constitutional claim? He went to law school but no one seriously thinks he could be a lawyer.

Illinoisans are looking for my kind of honesty and openness; Democrats, Republicans and independents crave a real, authentic, tough guy as their U.S. Senator. Someone who can and will stare down the Beltway bad guys, the profiteers, the poseurs on both sides of the political spectrum and the patsies who want to apologize for America's greatness and generosity? Mark Kirk? It’s silly, isn’t it? After ten years in Congress, Kirk is an embarrassment to Republicans.

As a result of the outrageous attacks Kirk’s supporters launched on me I will file an amended complaint naming new defendants and seeking money damages for the disruption I endured. There was no reason for the harassment by party leaders. Nevertheless, those attacks appear to have backfired.

The individuals who were harassing me unwittingly proved my case. They proved that Kirk’s supporters are afraid of Andy Martin, and no one else. The other “candidates” were allowed to march in and babble for a few minutes. I was too much of a threat to Kirk for Pollard & Co to allow me to speak to party “leaders.” Mark Kirk brags that he has fought in “two wars.” He sure acts timid when Andy is in town.

Maybe Kirk didn’t really fight in two wars. Maybe he just imagines he’s a great fighter. In fact, Walter Mitty and Mark Kirk even look alike. Look at the decade old picture he uses on his congressional web site.

When the circuit judge heard what Republican leaders had done to me at the State Fair, at the second court hearing in two days, he denounced the party’s machinations to silence my campaign. Kirk’s de facto lawyer, John Fogarty, was not a happy camper when he left the Sangamon County Courthouse. Just ask him. He was a whipped puppy. Kirk was fuming. Kirk and Fogarty will be even more unhappy when the lawsuit is amended.

You are an experienced lawyer and you know that when a judge sees an attorney reneging on a settlement reached just the day before, the judge will become very angry, very quickly. That’s what happened Thursday.

The Republican Party’s “General” Counsel (another Mark Kirk-style war hero?), Brian Sheahan, is another nitwit lawyer who needs to be replaced. Sheahan appears to have ginned up the efforts to insult the judge. Sheahan helped embarrass the party with his ridiculous “criminal complaint” against me. Great lawyer that Sheahan. And now he wants to be elected to the General Assembly? What a joke.

It is time to clean house at Republican Party headquarters and get rid of all of the phonies, hangers-on and do nothings. Get them off the payroll. No state party employee has yet paid a price for losing. Make them pay for the defeats Republicans have endured over the last two elections.

Likewise, why should I have to sue for access to the Voter Vault? Who made the decision to lock me out? As a new chairman you should throw open the doors to the Voter Vault and admit the mistake in denying me access.

Does anyone really think denying me equal access to the Voter Vault is going to “save” Kirk? Is Kirk really that weak? That endangered? Is Kirk so precious he’s made out of porcelain? (I happen to think Kirk is that weak. Do his supporters secretly agree with me? Good question.)

If you or a representative wants to talk settlement, I am all ears. Otherwise, we will keep pursuing the Party in court.

You know that I am a firm supporter of SB 600. Direct election of the State Central Committee would in time change the party, but most of all direct election would democratize the Party. The manner in which you were appointed just a couple of hours after McKenna’s resignation suffers from a lack of legitimacy, precisely because the people who chose you are not directly accountable to the voters.

Want to make a big difference and start off your leadership with a bang? Let’s do a news conference and announce your support for SB 600. Nothing would give you a bigger boost. And boost party unity as well. The Democrats do just fine under the same procedures as SB 600; why are Republican leaders afraid to face the voters?

I realize that you support my opponent for Senator. I respect your personal right to support whom you wish. That doesn’t mean that you and I can’t work together, even closely together. We can.

If you call on me for assistance, I will be there to help. What’s wrong with having forty years of insight and experience on your side, along with an independent, “contrarian” viewpoint?

Now for Kirk. Here’s the bottom line. If you use party resources to rig the primary and nominate Kirk, no one will support him in November, 2010. [If you want e-mails from Republicans promising this boycott, just ask. We have them. You and I know no one has to prod people to be against Kirk.]

Kirk is political dead meat.

Tell Kirk he is now on his own. Cut him loose.

People are increasingly wondering whether the Combine chose “Clunker Kirk” as a foil to elect their real choice, Giannoulias, senator. It sure looks that way. Kirk is probably headed to where he truly belongs, an appointment in the Obama administration.

Andy McKenna did tremendous damage to Kirk’s fragile candidacy. Every time McKenna would undermine me, I would ratchet up my opposition to Mark. McKenna energized Kirk’s opponents. If you step into McKenna’s shoes and make the IRP offices and SCC a Kirk campaign headquarters, you will not help Kirk.

Biased leadership never endows the beneficiary with legitimacy.

I sincerely believe Kirk’s candidacy is doomed, and I sincerely believe his political strategy is completely misguided. Don’t tie your leadership to Kirk’s campaign. You don’t have to be stuck with him. If Kirk can’t win an open, honest primary, he can’t beat the Democrats. Face the facts.

And don’t be fooled by the so-called pollsters. Who was the presidential frontrunner in 2007? Rudy Giuliani. He didn’t even make it to the first primary. Some pollsters.

I stand ready to help you, in public or private. Just ask.

I am hard worker. I am a tough fighter. I have over forty years of broadcasting and media experience. I am an honest man who believes in helping Americans achieve a better life. I want a militarily and financially secure nation. And I have a proven record of producing positive action and standing up against corruption. Does Mark Kirk have my record? Be real. That’s why Kirk trembles every time he hears my name.

Put me to work on your team as your next United States Senator.
Let’s win this one for the Gipper. And let’s send Obama a message he will never forget.

Best wishes,



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