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Law professor Andy Martin files a lawsuit; the Illinois Republican Chairman resigns

Blogs are ablaze with an Illinois judge’s criticism of lawyers for violating an agreement to allow U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin to speak at the Illinois State Fair.

Andy Martin’s lawsuit forces “Combine” to dump McKenna

Good riddance to Bad McKenna: Andy Martin becomes the prime beneficiary of McKenna’s removal by the Combine

Andy Martin on Andy McKenna’s disastrous years as an Illinois Republican “leader”

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(CHICAGO)(August 22, 2009) There is more than a possibility that Andy Martin’s lawsuit filed last Friday against Andy McKenna, and the corrupt “Combine” of which he is a member, caused the Combine’s leadership to pull the plug on the hapless McKenna.

By Thursday, the same lawsuit had led a Sangamon County circuit judge to chastise the Republican Party’s lawyers for muzzling Martin and violating an agreement with the Court to allow Martin to participate in Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair.

McKenna thought Martin’s lawsuits were jokes; now McKenna has personal experience that lawsuits have consequences. He’s outta there. The poor little rich boy paid the ultimate price.

Andy Martin said Friday, “Andy McKenna left Illinois politics the same way he entered: marinated in dirty politics and overwhelmed by his own incompetence. McKenna first came to my attention when he used a Crime Syndicate hoodlum, Andy Raucci, to harass me in 2003. Six years later, McKenna was still harassing me and my campaign. Only now he’s disgraced and discredited and I am still a major candidate for the U. S. Senate. Clearly, I had more mojo than McKenna.

“Kirkie-boy is McKenna’s embarrassing legacy to the Republican Party. McKenna’s abuse of his leadership role to support Kirk’s campaign blasts a big hole in the Kirk operation. My guess is that with McKenna gone, I will be able to pull an upset and defeat Kirk in the primary.

“Kirk has no doubt been promised a job in the Obama administration, by his best bud Rahm Emanuel. It was amusing to see Kirkie dumping on his Obama friends Thursday. Kirk can’t even lie convincingly. Or maybe he lies too well.

“Ultimately, the ‘doctrine of unintended consequences’ will make my campaign the major beneficiary of McKenna’s removal as State chairman.

“At the end of the week: I am still a leading candidate for U. S. Senator, Mark Kirk campaign’s is seriously weakened through the removal of his unscrupulous supporter, and the Combine feels endangered. Not bad for a week’s work,” Martin said. {His lawsuit was filed last Friday, August 14th.]


There was considerable comment on http://www.thecapitolfaxblg/.com over what happened in Sangamon County Circuit Court Wednesday and Thursday.

Here is my response, posted on the blog. It may help you understand why the judge ruled in my favor, and why he was disgusted with the slimy lawyers representing the Fair and Republican Party:

A couple of clarifications may be in order to your active web post. First, the reader who suggested there was a deal reached Wednesday for my presence at Thursday’s Republican Day is correct. We reached an amicable settlement on Wednesday. Part of the deal was that I would forego a bullhorn, and only use my own voice. I honored the deal. Republicans reneged. That was why the judge was so angry. (The claim I used a bullhorn is thus completely false.)

Second, for the writer who says he “was there” when I said Kirk would boil partial birth aborted babies in oil, I was obviously saying that in a tongue-in-cheek manner and poking fun at Kirk’s support for partial birth abortion. If you are for killing living babies, as Kirk is, how does it change the context if you ridicule such a position by comparing it to boiling babies in oil? Killing living babies is killing living babies. I seem to remember the satirist Jonathan Swift used similar exaggeration. Lighten up. (Unless you are afraid the partial birth abortion supporters don’t care what happens with the dead babies' “carcasses.”)

I am sorry some of your readers do not like me. Most people who know me view me as a reasonable person. But I respect your readers’ right to free speech. Now if only the Republican Party would respect my right to free speech, we would not be embarrassed on February 2nd by Mark Kirk as our senate candidate.

And yes, my web sites and blogs are filled with anti-Kirk remarks. Kirk’s ridiculous campaign as a “Republican” for statewide office is the only issue in the primary. In the not-so-humble opinion of Republican Party leaders, they believe I am the strongest candidate to defeat Kirk. Why do you think they are censoring me and trying to undermine my campaign? Because I am a chumbolone like the other “senate candidates” they allowed to speak in Springfield? No. They are seeking to muzzle me because I am the only option to beat Kirk.

If I do defeat Kirk, I am probably the only Republican who can also go on to defeat Giannoulias. Who do you want in Washington? Andy or Alexi?

The theme of our Springfield operation was: “Get Real.” (Our Springfield brochure is available on request.)

Your readers are always free to contact me with their opinions.

Finally, I also have the highest respect and admiration for Judge Kelley. He is an extraordinary talented and decent jurist. The judge dealt exceptionally fairly with all parties at the hearing on Wednesday. We all left smiling that a deal had been reached. The judge became angry on Thursday when Republican lawyers reneged, and a slimy lawyer for the Department of Agriculture, Margaret Van Dijk, as well as Republican John Fogarty, insulted the judge’s efforts by telling Illinois State Police there was “no court order” for my presence at the Fair and filing a false criminal complaint against me.

When parties settle a case by agreement, the Court usually does not enter a formal order. Judges trust lawyers to be honest with the court and each other. Fogarty and Van Dijk lied to the Court and to the State Police. They will be held accountable.

As soon as I arrived at the State Fair, Fogarty violated the earlier agreement with the judge. The lawyers lied; the judge was angry. Case closed.

Republicans are also giving Kirk access to the party’s Voter Vault, and denying me access. The court battle goes on.

And no, no one is going to be sued for voicing his opinion on TheCapitolFax blog. I sued because they were denying me free speech. The judge said Wednesday I had filed a valid lawsuit. Why can’t some of your readers respect the fact that the judge ruled in my favor and respected my legal acumen, and respect me for fighting to open up the Republican Party and fight for the free speech rights of everyone?

Andy Martin

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