Friday, August 7, 2009

“Infanticide” Congressman Mark Kirk faces ultimatum in Illinois primary

Illinois U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Kirk’s dirty tricks will elicit a devastating response. Kirk’s efforts to rig the Republican primary and muzzle his opponents will boomerang and undermine the entire ticket in November 2010. Martin is preparing to confront Kirk at the Illinois State Fair, as the nation’s first primary on February 2, 2010 becomes increasingly contentious. Martin says state party chairman Andy McKenna is taking Illinois Republicans backwards. Republicans could not break 40% against crooked governor Rod Blagojevich in 2006; they could not break 30% in 2008. Martin attributes Republican losses to a corrupt Republican state party leadership.

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August 7, 2008

Andy McKenna
Illinois Republican Party
205 W. Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60606
via fax (312) 201-0181

Dear Andy:

I was deeply disappointed, but not surprised, at the shenanigans of your little munchkin “Chicago Young Republicans” Wednesday night. They have picked up all of your bad habits trying to rig elections and harass candidates. Maybe that could be your/their new slogan: “Chicago Young Republicans, Same Old Dirty Tricks.”

Ironically, we documented in writing that what took place would not take place. I will be filing a lawsuit shortly about the fraud involved in lying to a statewide candidate. And, as I said, we have the misrepresentations in writing. What would you expect with a chumbolone like Lee Roupas running the show (I don’t know the Greek word for chumbolone, but maybe John Kass will helpfully provide it)?

Because you are the State Chairman and you participated in the charade, I hold you fully responsible for Wednesday’s spectacle. Muzzling me as a candidate for U. S. Senator to promote my opponent, Mark Kirk, was a major blunder on your part. As a result of your dirty tricks, we are ratcheting up our attacks on Kirk.

While you apparently do not like to answer letters, I make it a practice to put matters in writing and on the record. Unlike Mark Kirk’s secret life, there are no secrets in my campaign.

So here are my three points:

First, you are killing Mark Kirk’s campaign. Your dirty tricks and your denigration of freedom of speech are going to result in a statewide uprising that is going to defeat Kirk in the primary. Republicans want a fair and open and above-board primary. The shabby behavior you manifested on Wednesday is unacceptable.

Your dirty tricks provoke and necessitate a harsh response: you are turning a campaign that should be based on debates over the issues into a battle over Kirk’s slimy behavior and your attempts to prevent an open primary. Kirk can run, but he can’t hide. His 10-year charade is over.

I don’t think a man with a secret life such as Kirk benefits from efforts to stage a secret primary on his behalf. My prediction: if you keep up what you are doing, you will defeat Mark Kirk in the primary.

If you conduct an honest and fair primary, and Mark wins fair-and-square, most Republicans will accept the outcome. I know I will. But no one will accept an outcome orchestrated by the kind of dirty tactics employed against me on Wednesday night or Tolbert Chisum’s abuse of his role as New Trier Committeeman in 2007. The choice to go dirty was yours; I feel you will regret it. I know Mark Kirk will.

Second, you have a history of killing Republican candidates. Mark Kirk would be the third. In 2006, your manipulation of the gubernatorial race nominated “Goofy Judy.” She could not even break 40% against a crook. Not a good showing. I understand Goofy Judy is trying to make a comeback. If she does, the left will use her to undermine whoever wins the current gubernatorial primary. It is time for Goofy Judy to go quietly.

In 2008, you rigged the primary and corrupted the State Central Committee with a bogus “endorsement” to harass my campaign. Your chosen man Sauerberg did not even break 30%. Republicans voted against their party.

In other words, from election cycle to election cycle, your handiwork knocked the party backwards 10% in public support. Don’t blame the Democrats. Rod Blagojevich was still in office. But Republican voters dropped by 10%. Not a good showing on your part.

Somehow, you never appear embarrassed at your failures. With a record such as yours, most people would resign and go into hiding. Still you labor on, using the same dirty tricks against me that have failed before.

Third, here is my suggestion and proposal. I will offer to debate your candidate, Marky Mark Kirk, on the issues, if you agree in writing to conduct a fair an open and impartial primary. That means no muzzling or abuse of my campaign, no bogus endorsements by Tolbert Chisum, and no other dirty tricks.

If he wins, Kirk has my support.

Your acceptance would have to be in writing, ratified by the SCC and enforceable in and at every Republican Party meeting, function, etc. It would be a blanket agreement. No exceptions. No Roupas loopholes.

You should start by announcing in writing that you are ensuring that all candidates will be treated equally and given equal time at the Illinois State Fair. Your failure to respond to this letter will be deemed an admission that you are contemplating more dirty tricks on Republican Day August 20th.

You should talk with your National Committeeman. Although I am not a fan of his, he was proffered as an experienced lawyer. Any competent lawyer would tell you that your dirty tricks are going to backfire and injure, not aid, your candidate.

If you continue to conduct a crooked campaign, the primary will only be phase one in a campaign to defeat Kirk in the general election. A crooked primary cannot yield an honest candidate. Just remember “29% Sauerberg.” Twenty-nine percent.

I would suggest that you respond by Monday, August 10th at 5:00 P.M. in writing and by fax to this offer. If I have not heard from you by then, I will take any and all appropriate steps to defeat Mark Kirk and to run you and your gaggle of perverted politicians out of the Republican Party. You have one foot out the door already; if you keep playing dirty with Republican candidates, the remaining foot will not remain inside much longer.

The choice is yours.

With warmest personal regards,



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