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U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin responds to a County Chairman

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August 15, 2009


During the course of a political campaign, candidates receive nasty comments from a variety of people; abuse comes with the territory.

Illinois Republican Andy Martin received an abusive e-mail from Eric Hall, the Republican County Chairman for downstate Christian County. Here is Andy’s response. (You can ask Mr. Hall for his own original comments.)

To Eric Hall, Chairman, Christian County

Dear Eric:

Unlike other candidates that might ignore you or be tempted to respond with nasty comments, I am mystified by your remarks.

Mr. McKenna prevents me from speaking at a Republican function at which my opponent is allowed to speak, and you blame — me?

Mr. McKenna tells my representative that I am not welcome at Republican Day at the State Fair, but my opponent is, and you blame – me?

Mr. McKenna provides voter vault access to my opponent, but not to me, and you call me a “meathead?”

You accuse me of being “just what the Democrats are looking for,” but McKenna’s family is the one that does millions of dollars of business with the Daley Machine and is a member in good standing of the bipartisan Combine that has destroyed the Republican Party in this state. And you attack me? Do you have your facts mixed up?

Democrats love it when we lie to ourselves. We lied to ourselves when we nominated an out-of-stater to run against Barack Obama in 2004, and saddled the entire nation with Obama's socialism.

We lied to ourselves again in 2006 when McKenna & Co. quietly tried to slant the primary, and we ended up with Topinka, who didn’t even break 40% of the statewide vote.

We lied to ourselves when we rigged the primary in 2008 and nominated a joke that couldn’t even break 30% statewide!

And you accuse me of being “just what the Democrats are looking for?” No sir, the Democrats are not looking for me; they already have found Andy McKenna and his trend line speaks for itself. Keyes-Topinka-Sauerberg. And now Kirk.

There is one thing the politicians in both parties in this state can’t stand: the truth. I speak the truth, and I have a record of always trying to speak the truth. Neither party leadership wants me, because I have been fighting corruption for forty years, not profiting from it. I fight corruption among both Republicans and Democrats.

I can’t promise to win in November 2010; but I can promise you an honest, hard-hitting race that will hold the Democrats to account and offer a reasonable conservative Republican alternative.

Why did Barack Obama attack me personally in 2008? Because my work in searching for the truth about him cost Obama millions of votes. How many votes did you cost Obama in 2008?

My indictment of Obama on Fox News is still regarded as the best explanation of why Obama was wrong for America. Just this last weekend, Obama tried to suppress Fox News’ efforts to replay my segment on television. You might have gotten an e-mail about the cover-up (I had nothing to do with the following sample e-mail or other similar e-mails circulating about the Fox News suppression):

NON-ANDY MATERIAL FOLLOWS-----------------------


SO, now we know what's going on...just like the threats from this administration...his THUGS after us to shut us up....

----- Original Message -----


To: Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 6:08 PM

Subject: Hannity's Missing Show

--- On Thu, 8/13/09, < > wrote:

Last Saturday, Fox News heavily advertised a Sean Hannity Special show exposing Barack Hussein Obama's Dark Past. I set it to record and looked forward to watching it. It was canceled hours before the scheduled showing. By whom? Why? Curious?

You may watch the show in six parts on my CIA Page if you are curious as I was. Unfortunately, the website placed the parts in reverse order. Be sure to watch from to lower right corner first. It is very revealing. Watch it and weep for America!


END OF NON-ANDY MATERIAL-----------------------

I am the best hope, the only hope, Illinois Republicans have – I am an honest man. Mark Kirk is not. Do you know who he is? Can you point to any instance where Kirk has vigorously attacked and/or criticized Obama? I doubt it. Kirk is a go-along sort of guy. And you think he will suddenly stand up to Obama in the U. S. Senate? Please don’t give downstaters a bad name for gullibility.

Maybe you should ask someone other than Randy Pollard who Mark Kirk really is. Or do you mix Pollard’s downstate Kool-Aid for McKenna & Co?

Kirk favors gun confiscation; have you told your committeeman and neighbors in Christian County that? I am sure that will sell well in Christian County. How many votes will Kirk draw with a plan for gun control? [Hint: ask your neighbors before you reply to this message.]

Kirk voted for “cap and trade;” have you told your committeemen and neighbors that? I am sure that will sell well in Christian County. How many votes can you attract with Kirk’s support for “cap and trade?” [Hint: ask your neighbors how increasing taxes on downstate’s energy sources will help them feed their families.]

Kirk held a secret, invitation-only Chamber of Commerce “town meeting” in Naperville last week. Media with cameras and recorders were barred. He is afraid to meet his own constituents. And Kirk advertises himself as a “warrior” who fought in two wars? Luckily for Kirk, “cowardice in the face of a constituent” is not yet a crime.

Kirk wants to criminalize the Internet; have you told your committeemen and neighbors that? I am sure that will sell well in Christian County. How many votes will you attract downstate by telling people Kirk wants to put people in jail who attack Obama on the Internet? Great guy, that Kirk. Maybe now you know why Kirk is Obama’s favorite Republican. [Hint: you better become one of Barry Obama’s “friends” on Facebook, or you just might be staring a federal indictment in the face.]

The liberal media love Mark Kirk. They have reason to. Maybe you love the liberal media?

Now you can see why I am mystified by your abusive remarks. This is the point in my memo where most people would be insulting you, but I will avoid the temptation. I am someone who can actually work with county chairman because I appreciate the difficult job you perform.

But you also have to trust the statewide primary process. In over forty years of Illinois political experience, Mark Kirk is the worst “establishment Republican” candidate in history. To paraphrase Capital One TV ads, which Christian County country club membership card is in your wallet?

I will only ask you a simple question: why are you supporting Mark Kirk and attacking his only legitimate opponent? Me. Why?

I’d like to hear your vigorous but polite response. Since you called me a “meathead,” put some meat on the table and let’s discuss and debate the facts. And the truth.

I hope you will appreciate the time I have taken to give you an intelligent and serious response. You appear to be misinformed. Now do your part and tell me your “truth” about Mark Kirk.

With best wishes, and extreme surprise,

Andy Martin
Republican candidate for U. S. Senator

P. S. If you have a problem, pick up the phone and call me. Then try the same trick with Kirk. He is not even answering his congressional phone. I answer mine. And I will still answer the phone when I am your U. S. Senator.

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