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Mark Kirk, Andy Martin will collide in Lake Forest Day Parade

Illinois U. S. Senate primary becomes a two-man race. Martin calls Kirk’s 2008 statements “racist.”

Mark Kirk and Andy Martin will both be marching in the Lake Forest Day Parade

As Kirk and Martin compete for Kirk’s fading “base,” the Republican senate primary becomes a two-man race

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(CHICAGO)(August 2, 2009) Wednesday, August 5th the Republican U. S. senate primary in Illinois will become a two-man race between fading Congressman Mark Kirk and insurgent “Internet Powerhouse” Andy Martin.

“Lake Foresters invited me to march in the Lake Forest Day Parade,” Martin announced Sunday. “And I accepted. I am delighted the American Legion in honoring boy scouting. Scouting is one of the great experiences for young men and women. We can’t do enough to encourage scouting. I salute the Legion.

"Lake County used to be part of Mark Kirk’s ‘base.’ It is still part of his congressional district. What does it say about Kirk’s fading base that his own constituents are inviting an insurgent to march alongside the incumbent? What does it say about Kirk that he has lost his conservative base, and now wants to face a larger and more conservative statewide primary electorate? It says Kirk is delusional. He thinks his Beltway cash can overcome home-state rejection.

“Mark Kirk has abandoned the Republican Party. His primary candidacy is an act of flatulent conceit. People in Lake Forest are not dumb. They know Kirk is also a sure loser for reasons which the ‘meathead media’ are loath to discuss.

“During the last campaign, Kirk referred to African-Americans as ‘thugs’ and 'goons.' What a door-opener in minority communities. Kirk is unwelcome in almost 20% of the state because of his vile racist language.

“We need to rebuild the Republican Party as the Party of all the people, as the Party of Lincoln and Dirksen, not 'thugs' and 'goons.' If I am the nominee in 2010, I will take my senate campaign to minority neighborhoods. I will take our message of opportunity to every street corner in this state, not just white street corners.

“People in Lake Forest may be predominately white, but they are part of the great Republican tradition of Lincoln and Dirksen, a tradition that Kirk rejected when he characterized his opponents as ‘thugs.’ Lake Foresters are in the process of divorcing from Kirk’s racist rhetoric.

“After our competing appearances in the Lake Forest Day Parade, the most important civic event in Lake Forest, Republican voters are going to begin an 'insurgency’ in the direction of my campaign. I am the insurgent candidate against the hidebound leadership of the Illinois Republican Party. I am running a campaign that is going to create an insurgency for change from one end of this state to the other. From rich and tony neighborhoods, to the most impoverished and neglected areas. We will all be one state in my campaign.

“Kirk is the candidate of the losers who have brought Republicans in this state into ridicule and contempt. I am the candidate who is going to snatch the senate nomination and turn the corrupt politics of this state upside down.

“During the Parade my campaign will be on ‘best behavior.’ That is the correct approach. The parade is not a political event. It is a great civic celebration. But we will still be jabbing Kirk, first with a news conference before the parade, and then after the parade with a surprise 'mignon.'

“Lake Foresters know better than anyone that they have been abandoned and betrayed by Kirk and the Republican Party. They have supported a party that has repeatedly and continually shot itself in the foot. Well, Kirk and his sponsor Andy McKenna are out of feet. They have nothing left to shoot at.

“The way forward is not for Republicans to become a ‘liberal’ party as Kirk wants. Rather we should be a practical, common sense conservative movement that offers opportunity and advancement to every Illinoisan.

“I believe in the American dream, and I believe every American wants to believe again. Republicans offer the best opportunity for success, advancement and acceptance. Sadly, since we lost The Gipper, we have done an abjectly poor job of communicating our message. Sometimes the messengers were also substandard.

“Unlike Kirk, I will not refer to African-Americans as thugs and goons. Christ himself teaches that there should be no outcasts, no ‘thugs’ in our world.

“In my view of how to move forward, African-Americans, Latinos and every aspirant striving to achieve the American Dream is part of a partnership that is going to power the Republican Party back into Everett Dirksen’s senate seat. And I will lead that parade!

“Wednesday we begin Lake Forest. In November 2010 we will march together into the U. S. Senate. Republicans, Illinoisans, Americans, all united for victory.” Martin says.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Expect a news conference announcement Tuesday for Lake Forest on the 5th, before the Parade.
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